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Video message from Javier Palomarez, President and CEO of the USHCC

TXMX 2016 first session

TXMX: building bridges

TXMX is a business hub meant to promote collaboration and investment development between Mexico and Texas, well-known business partners; their relationship goes way back in history, since they share territory and resources and this has helped built the foundation for their historical commercial collaboration. TXMX supports entrepreneurs from Texas and Mexico in order to improve their business relationships, through conferences, workshops and direct contact with government representatives.

The workshop and conference schedule started on March 4th, 2016 and it will continue throughout the whole year. Officials from several Mexican government entities, as well as from the American government, will be among the main speakers on every venue.

Enhance your business experience: book your participation in TXMX 2016.

Austin, the perfect place for TXMX

Austin, Texas is a vibrant and enthusiast city, home to nearly 2 million people; it is the 11th biggest city in America. Its sustained growth in 2013-2014 made it the third best-developing city in the whole country.

As an elite touristic or business destination, Austin is a model city: it generated a 533 million dollar gross for federal and state taxes for touristic activities. Besides, the economy linked to tourism houses 58,000 jobs in the city.

Once a little college community, Austin is now known as “The World’s Capital of Live Music”: 250 venues offer musical performances from several artists and genres. As if all of these qualities weren’t enough, we must mention that Austin is also a great place to dine, where you can find the best restaurants.

Finally, Austin has an extraordinary Hotel & business infrastructure, which makes it an ideal environment for national and international business summits and conventions.

These are just some of the many reasons that make Austin a great place to visit or do business. And therefore, it’s clearly the perfect scenario for TXMX.



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